Mentally Healthy OR Emotionally Intelligent. Which one do you prefer to be?

बिबिता कोइराला

बिबिता कोइराला

मनो-परामर्श विषयमा स्नातकोतर विद्यार्थी

Let’s try a new trick today. Forget the concept of mental health. If the word “mental” itself evokes undesired feelings, there is no essence of using the word. Lets forget the word here.

What next do we focus upon?
— Emotional Intelligence
— Mindfulness
— Positive Psychology
— Life Coaching

I am hopeful these words certainly evoke positive feelings within people around me. If someday I ask you, do you want to attain tons of emotional intelligence, mindfulness, neutrality and critical thinking abilities, would you say YES?

After learning a few psychological intervention strategies, even I don’t adore the branch called Abnormal Psychology anymore. Where you have hundreds of disorder, their symptoms and treatment plan pre-defined. It may have its own essence to clinicians, not all general population need to bother focus there.

After studying hundreds of disorder, all I have learnt can be summarized in simple philosophies:-
As humans, in order to learn to live, we need to be clear about our natural body and social identity. I can surely forgo any social barrier that doesn’t suit me. Social constructs are a choice, not all are mandatory.
Living in present situation. There is the effect of past and future on human beings, which are cosmic. I have no control over them, so I omitted them from my mind.
The upcoming philosophy is boit complex, don’t go for it now if you couldn’t internalize it while reading:-
3) Expect nothing from anyone, anything. Get to a level where you don’t even expect anything from yourself.
This one is complex, if you are reading it the first time. Don’t pressurize yourself to this one for now.

Initially, I planned the title of the article as, “How to destigmatize Mental Health”, then I thought I was evoking negative feelings through the words “Destigmatize Mental Health”, not many people would open the article and read it.

May be the best way to destigmatize mental health is not to focus on it. We are all emotionally healthy and intelligent people.

Further sharing, I have a few friends, who have lived in the west for decades. I have lived in east all my life. I really adore their work culture, lifestyle and mindset. There is so much, I get to learn from them.
Yet, even those US returnees Nepali, know nothing much about their mental health. They are completely unaware if they are emotionally healthy or not. What is their coping mechanism to tension? In short, they too are not smart enough to handle their emotions.

Actually, the only thing I am sure in these one and half year of education in psychology is that I have learnt all tricks and I am smart enough to find a every time to keep myself emotionally healthy.

Emotional Health is all about coping with life struggles and attain our health, relationship and career goals step by step, level by level. That is the only thing a psychologist, therapist, counselor can do for you. And, is there anything more you need. Health, relationships and career are the common priorities of all of us.

Finally, I am hopeful we have together going to use this term emotional health and enhance our emotional well being. 🙂

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(Note: Naya Prahar is an Nepali portal. This is only an experiment to investigate on how many english readers we have. This shall be my first and last english article for Naya Prahar.)